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The AF&PA PAC is the voluntary, non-partisan political action committee (PAC) of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA). Since 1972, AF&PA's PAC has been working to further good public policy by supporting Congressional candidates who share our interest in a healthy U.S. forest products industry that maintains forested lands, strong manufacturing facilities, and high paying jobs in the United States.

Government decisions affect the bottom line of every forest products industry company in America.  AF&PA engages in various activities, including: direct lobbying on legislative issues, “grassroots” contacts, and media communications to ensure the interests of our industry are reflected in policymaking.  

AF&PA PAC strives to represent the voice of our entire industry. We host joint industry related events in Washington, D.C. and work with our membership to deliver candidate contributions in Congressional Districts.

Candidate Contribution Criteria:

AF&PA PAC is a non-partisan organization and supports candidates from each political party based on the following:

1. Voting Record on issues of importance to the forest products industry
2. Industry Presence in State/Congressional District
3. Committee Assignments/Leadership Positions

Prior Approval Form:

All AF&PA member companies can give prior approval for the solicitation of executive, senior management employees and their families. Click here for the prior approval form, which must be signed by the primary AF&PA member contact.

Only U.S. citizens and permanent green card holders may participate under federal law.

For more information on the AF&PA PAC, please contact:

Laura Pickard
P:  202-463-2755
Director, Government Affairs